About us

Charlie design was founded in 1987. From then until today, the recognizable design manuscript and the absolute quality of workmanship have placed Charlie design at the very top of the Croatian fashion scene. The successful balancing between artistic design and pret-a-porter and the sculptural form that Loredana easily transforms into wearable elements gave Charlie a cult status on the Croatian fashion scene. Today, the team consists of nine people and a number of external associates and its base consists of: Loredana Bahorić _ designer, Branko Bahorić _ brand manager, and Tomislav Bahorić who simultaneously designs the men’s clothing line _ Spirit by T.B. www.spirit-by-tb.com/
The brand itself is characterized by monochromatism, minimalism with a small shift in the avant-garde, deconstructive elements and absolute load-bearing capacity. Charlie design boutiques are located in Zagreb and Šibenik, and clothes can be purchased in concept stores throughout Croatia and abroad.
He presents collections through independent projects. Charlie design enjoys cult status in Croatia.


Behind the name Charlie design is Loredana Bahorić. After high school, he graduated in Fashion Design at the TTF Textile-Technological-Faculty in Zagreb. He has been actively involved in fashion ever since. He successfully transforms his own fashion philosophy and way of thinking into the Charlie design brand, where he has been working as a designer for more than 30 years. The fashion visionary and Croatian fashion icon herself best represents her brand and the clothes she creates with her appearance. He lives and works in Zagreb.
Loredana Bahorić is a cult name on the Croatian fashion scene.


Tomislav Bahorić  was born in Zagreb. After Art school, he graduated Fashion Design on Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb. He has launched his own men’s fashion brand, named Spirit by T.B., in 2009. So called conceptual, thought-out, minimalistic design soared him in the very center of fashion orbit, so he became a favorite of critics and audience overnight. „A gift from heaven for croatian men’s fashion“, „New hope of men’s fashion“, „Bahorić legend lives on“ are just few of flattering media titles. Minimalism with indications of avant-garde and androgyny, make his design preferable to both genders. Elements of deconstruction, precise workmanship, use of fabrics of great quality and also frequently raw edges are allways interesting contrast as well as main characteristics of brand.

Bahorić exhibited on CAP _ Cro a Porter, prestigious MBFWLJ _ Mercedes Benz fashion week, Ljubljana and Fashion hr lately. He represented Croatia on Fashion Scout London competition 2019. Winner of MGFA _ MY GLOBAL FASHION AWARDS in category Best designer Meanswear. He lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.